Buy. Own. Use. Accumulate or discard. The shallow circulation of late capitalism, which is steadily, microscopically provoked in large areas that are often waiting for other futures.

And so the objects are here looking for a new destiny. Often quite different from the original purpose. The current concept is optional.  Presentation perversely fascinating. Inventiveness is boundless. Local recycling economy kicking ankles of internet giants.The abstract sale and purchase process acquires a tangible form again.

Kitsch hunt.
Flea market.


Treasure in the Background is a small rebellion against product photography. My goal was to look for common objects, to explore their purpose and to understand their relationship with their surroundings.
As a customer, I find myself facing a great pressure to buy new things, with salesmen pushing me to lust after random items, presenting them in the best possible light.


Aegina is a small Greek island, a former rival of Athens, affected by the modern economic crisis, now in low tourist season, looks somehow uninteresting and abandoned.

In this publication I depicted places seemingly inconspicuous, absorbed by nature, without human presence, timelessly still. Almost as if nothing has changed in the past two thousand years.


It almost felt like our home was living its own life - signs, stickers and posters appearing on the walls, things going missing, dirty dishes emerging from nowhere, and no one knew what was going on. By taking pictures, I was able to collect those situations, and capture a moment in time.